Hi, I am Lusan Das

I am a Frontend Engineer with love for Javascript, React.js, PWA and various other web technologies that help in making the web beautiful and engaging.

My Blogs

The future of React, unfolding with Suspense

This won’t be just another article on how to write Hooks, but rather what to expect in the future of React! If you have never heard of Hooks, or any other new API in React, this article will be a great start to get you excited about the future.

The best way to architect your Redux app

This article is about how to think in Redux. We’ll try to understand how we can utilise this wonderful library to make our application more stable, robust, and maintainable. It is language agnostic, however we will keep our scope to Redux with React.

How to use Redux Persist when migrating your states

Storage has always been an integral part of building apps. While building a webapp for our company, I needed a way to persist my states in storage which was reliable, easy to use, and configurable based on the requirements.

The Story of requesting twice - CORS

While working on a feature, I decided to look at the network tab and observed that the first request was sent with method OPTIONS, and the following request after it was the request with the correct method eg GET, POST etc, which is returning the expected payload. Basically two calls for the same request.

How to use Redux Observable to simplify the architecture

There was a serious flaw in the architecture. My actions were not clean anymore. All the complicated logic was built in my actions. Although it was easier to track changes through action types, but I was unable to prevent my actions from getting polluted. I was obsessed with keeping everything simple and clean.

How to write code you will love in the future

Uncle Ben once told Peter Parker, “With great power comes great responsibility”. This quote applies to fellow programmers who are involved in building projects. Being in the industry for over 5 years has made me reflect on my experiences so far, and it is time I give back to the community.

How to build WebApp for the future

Ever since the inception of Progressive Web App (PWA), I was obsessed with building a super fast webapp, after few months of rigorous development we launched our company’s first ever mobile webapp, LifCare Lite, so I would like to share some of my experience while building it.